Tips For Living In A Foreign Country

Are you planning on migrating to a foreign country? Or do you have to stay for a few months in another land/ well, whatever the case, our travel buddies have some very important tips that will help you live in any part of the world with a content heart!

Explore but don’t be inquisitive

One very important aspect of life anywhere that we should all learn to aspect as human beings is to respect the privacy of one another. Just as we expect others not to butt into our lives, others feel the exact same way. You can only be fully content with life in any part of the world is, if you stop worrying about what others are doing in their lives and trying to put in your ideas and opinions in their lives. So the same applies when you go to live in a foreign part of the world. Not only is it not okay to ask personal questions, you are too new to be asking anything personal at all! So you can explore places and new areas but keep your limits when it comes to asking questions about other’s personal lives! It is not a good thing to do!

Be friendly not naïve

Be a friendly person at all times. Try to take all happenings with a light heart. When you go to take all things too seriously and worry about each and everyone’s actions is when you will not be able to sleep peacefully even in the luxury of your serviced apartments Hong Kong! Be friendly with one and all. Make sure to even greet the security officer in your building on your way in and out. However, don’t be naïve to foolishly believe anyone in entrusting them with your belongings or don’t give them unwanted access to your life and personal details until you know them for long enough!


The culture is going to be one of the most difficult things to adjust to. You will need to study about the culture of that particular city before going there. There are very different and contrasting ideas of what s offensive and what is friendly in different cultures. So always make sure to learn the basics of a culture and their methods of life before going there. For instance, it is considered absolutely rude to not greet back a Japanese with slight bend. But in other Asian countries they stay upright when greeting each other! Whether you find out about your perfect serviced apartment in Tsim Sha Tsui or not before going to a country, learn how to greet the people there!


If you are going to a country with a different language you are going to find it very difficult. Especially if they don’t use English as well. So you may need to learn a few of the words that is very important for the survival before going there. It is always a good idea to have a dictionary that translates and gives the synonym of that particular word in that language.